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The 10-Year Journey, Lessons, Loves and Life

2008 Koh Phangan, Thailand, rocks situated off Haad Rin Beach In this picture I sit on the rock having first discovered Thailand, loving life and feeling alive with a sense of achievement and excitement for what’s to come. This trip opened my eyes to entrepreneurship in its truest sense, from the hustle of the street food sellers, to the boat trip captains. We slept under the stars on The Beach, attended a half moon party, rode mopeds across the islands and trekked through the hills of Chang Mai. Thailand was a trip of many firsts, I had never experienced water so warm it was like a bath or witnessed the backpackers who made a living from online businesses or were traveling with need end dat

It's Offical, Be The Lion Course Launches TODAY! Part 1- Action Taker Masterclass

It’s official, I have decided to turn the book into an online course, after spending hundreds of hours with the content, rewriting, learning and researching I realised that if I really wanted to help people, I had to spread this message far and wide. What better way to do that than with a course, this is where you take learning from theoretical to experiential. It’s where skills are honed, plans are made, committed to and implemented. This is where you take yourself to the next level! The first part of the course is all around taking inspired action, it’s about getting up off the sofa, and putting your ideas into action. By the end of this course you will have achieved a hustlers mindset, yo