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Be The Lion:

How To Overcome Big Challenges And Make It Happen

by Tim Castle

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Ryan Serhant Star of Bravo TV's Million Dollar Listing New York

Testimonial: Ryan Serhant Star of BravoTV Million Dollar Listing New York, Sell It Like Serhant and Best Selling Author

"I want to talk about my friend here Tim Castle and his amazing book Be The Lion.

I don't have a whole lot of time to read, but when I do, I want to read really really good things, and this book is something that everybody should check out. 1. Be The Lion is an awesome title. 2. it's an awesome cover. 3. he goes through a really cool process that outlines his 4C's for how to get through really really big challenges and difficult situations. There's a lot to go through I mean he really really knows his stuff but take it from me check out this book right now, Be The Lion and find the Lion within you!"

- Ryan Serhant, Sell It Like Serhant, Million Dollar Listing New York, Serhant.

Why Be The Lion?

Whilst writing my first book The Art of Negotiation I had plenty going on. I was managing multiple projects, as well as planning our destination wedding on the sunny beaches of Koh Tao, Thailand, enjoying our 6-month-old baby boy whose energy and determination knew no bounds, completing an MBA and working full time as a sales director, oh and in the midst of it all we moved countries and continents from Australia to Singapore.


It’s fair to say, a lot of big life changing events were happening, but through it all, a phrase that kept presenting itself in my head, repeatedly, was: “MAKE IT HAPPEN!”


In going through this chaotic period, I was desperate for any strategies that would help me “make it happen”. I learned a number of techniques from the likes of Tony Robbins, Jen Sincero, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Napoleon Hill. As I listened to their words repeatedly via audiobooks and podcasts, my faith grew. The more I consumed their powerful content and engulfed myself in their proven strategies and mantras, the more I strengthened my own mindset that it all indeed would and could happen.


In order to overcome the variety of new and diverse challenges that presented themselves with each of the balls that I was juggling, I needed to be totally immersed in successful ways of thinking. I had to design effective processes to organise my time to make each day as focused and successful as possible. Obviously, I had a lot to change, but taking the time to learn, create and implement consentient habits rather than just fudging my way through it forced me to move up a level. It was through this experience of creating success habits that my fundamental understanding of what I was really capable of occurred.


Every small win brought me one step closer to making it happen. This sense of daily progress through the unknown gave me the courage, the grit and the belief to push through. As I am sure you’re aware the unknown can be scary. Moving my family from Australia, which had been our home and our life for 5 years to a new job, in a totally new part of the world, with a toddler was, at times, a little overwhelming, and unnerving.


I am happy to tell you that it did all work out, and I am writing this book from the comfort of our wonderful apartment overlooking the city of Singapore, we have a happy and healthy baby boy, jobs and businesses that give us fulfilment and life really could not be better. I am so grateful to be in this position, it is a far cry from the 5 years we spent coped up in a studio apartment in Manly, spending every waking hour focused on building our businesses and not knowing how we would make rent from one month to the next. The road has not been easy but with the help of the simple but effective strategies and habits that I am going to share with you in this guide I have found that by consistently showing up every day it is possible to create the life you envision.


In this book I share everything I learned about ‘Making It Happen’. I offer solutions, strategies and optimisations to turbocharge your life when you are taking on mighty challenges. In my case, I was attempting multiple life-altering changes all at once, so it’s fair to say this philosophy has been stress-tested in the real world. I am constantly impressed by and drawn to those who are willing to take big risks to see their dreams come true and make the most of this opportunity we call life. So, if you have a challenge coming up or have been thinking about making a big change for a while, or maybe you have a vision you want to bring to life this book will coach you through. No matter how impossible your goal might seem. It will show you how to turn towards your fears and find the joy in the journey of moving forward towards your goals.


If you’re wondering what all this had to do with being a lion, then let me explain. Being the lion as a concept relates deeply to the characteristics of a lion. Historically, lions are a symbol of two core tenants needed in overcoming big obstacles, courage and strength.


Lion’s face challenges head on.


They do not wing it.


Lions have a proven strategy that they use consistently that allows them to outsmart prey that is often faster than them. They have the grit to dig in and the determination to keep trying.


Lions know when to take action and when to conserve energy by resting in the day and hunting at night when it is cooler, and they can use their innate abilities to their distinct advantage, like opting to hunt in darkness leveraging their razer shape eyesight for all its worth (A lions eyesight is 6 x more sensitive to light than humans). But through all of this, being the lion is mostly about having the courage to continue down your right path, even though it’s scary and unknown. We can so often know what to do but putting the even the best laid plans into action can be a frightfully daunting task. The good news is that successful implementation of habits is a learned skill that can be improved on daily so that you can consistently move in the direction of your goal. With so much information out there at our finger tips knowledge is not the answer, it is the application and testing out of this knowledge that has the ability to transform lives. The more you can test, the more you pivot and calibrate based on the data you get back from the world. Being the lion is a principle that allows you to operate on this level, it’s a state where you push your boundaries, you do it anyway even though it is different, and you trust that there is more for you to bring to the world. Throughout this book and as you go about your daily life I want you to notice the area’s that you shy away from stepping out of your comfort zone, I want you to look out for area’s where you could add more value to other people’s lives and how you can adopt the be the lion mindset.


I want you to get in touch with your inner warrior or lion and in doing so you will challenge yourself to bring more to your life. It’s a way of living, achieved by carefully and purposefully aligning your daily habits to help you overcome big challenges head on.


 Be The Lion is your handbook for living large and in charge, a guide for connecting with your purpose and achieving outstanding outcomes. Above all, it will help you restructure your daily habits so that you can be the very best version of yourself and enable you to live the life you dream of.


To summarise, if you haven’t got the picture yet, this book is for anyone who wants more out of life and is hell-bent on achieving big, outlandish, supersized, colossal levels of success in any area of their life that they chose.


Ready to kick some ass?


Ready to Be The Lion?


Share your journey and show your support others using the hashtag #bethelion and tag @timjscastle



Do you want to go bigger this year? To become your best self and make it happen?


This is what I wanted to do but found myself struggling to figure out what the next step to take was. It wasn’t until I started to take a deep interest in self-development and full ownership of the situation to better myself that I found a path forward.


Over the years I learnt techniques and strategies from inspirational leaders across the world, for five years I made the transformation into living a life filled with purpose. I discovered my mission was to help others achieve their really big goals and that this was my contribution to the world.


I wrote Be The Lion as a guide on how stop self-sabotaging your success, I wanted to share the tools and techniques that had worked for me to transform my life and start heading towards my big goals, dreams and vision.


Be The Lion is a step by step manual on how to re-align your life with what matters, it is based on my 4Cs Framework for overcoming big challenges and making it happen.


Napoleon Hill talks about the importance of a mastermind group, in a sense Be The Lion is my mastermind group, it is a collection of learnings from my mentors and gurus around the world as well as my own life experiences.


The book is designed to get you taking action on the areas of life that are out of balance so that you may push into the unknown, grow your confidence, and build a strong foundation on which you can place your ambitions, desires and goals.


Key Attributes of Lions


Lions are persistent, they do not give up in the face of challenges, in fact when hunting for food they are only successful 20% of the time, which means they are highly persistence creatures. This mindset of persistence towards your goal is what will see you reach the finish line.


Lions have discipline and play to their strengths, a lion’s eyes are 6x more sensitive to light than humans, they have discipline in that they know to rest during the day and hunt at night when their eyes are more receptive to light, and they have a clear advantage against their prey. Knowing and owning your strengths is one of the greatest tenants that will help you maximize outcomes and take your life to the next level.


Lions have courage, they are willing to take on bigger tasks, go after larger prey, do the work, and for that they receive the rewards. Learning to cultivate a courageous mindset is key to pushing yourself to move into the unknown. Having courage is all about growth, exploring new opportunities, letting go of past destructive habits and focusing on where you want to go. It takes courage to stick with new healthy habits, to open your mind to new possibilities and to back yourself and your vision.


Lions are creatures of habit, and it is the consistent daily habits that will keep you going towards your bigger vision.


Above all Be The Lion will help you align your life around what matters, gain more balance across the 4Cs and make it happen. You will get deeper in touch with your inner self, your inner guide and learn to rely on Universal energy to solve problems and show you the way.


You’ll learn how to win the day by having an inspiring morning routine that will set you up for success, so you get the small wins even before your day really begins.


It will help you focus on developing yourself belief so that you have more certainty in your life, confidence and an attitude of ‘believe it is possible’.


Be The Lion will help you take consistent daily action towards the life that you want, become a master of time management and productivity and go after your really big goals without the stress and overwhelm that is usually associated with big life changes.


What if you could have the best day of your life every day?


What if you could feel like you were making progress towards your vision?


Be The Lion is all about ditching the destructive habits that aren’t serving you and creating life that you can be proud of.


Now let me show you how to do this.


What is the 4Cs Framework?


The 4Cs Framework will help you gain balance across the most important areas of your life, it provides the foundation for living, and once you have achieved success in these 4 areas you can start layering on your goals, vision and dreams. It will be supported as the base is strong, you are strong.


  1. Creation – this relates to the life area of taking action

  2. Conditioning – this is all about mind and body and the consistent daily action you can take to invest in these areas.

  3. Certainty – confidence is key to success, there is nothing better than feeling confident.

  4. Connection – this is your connection to spiritual

I wish you all the success in the world.

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