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The MOMENTUM Sales Model Online Course
The course other top sales people don't want you take!

Look, I get it, why spend the best part of a few hours checking out yet another online course that promises the world and fails to deliver. 

I feel you. You'd be right to skeptical, there's a ton of online courses out there all promising you the same thing.

What I can tell you is, I put my heart and soul into this model for sales and crafted the online course to ensure it not only delivers new ideas and fresh perspectives but helps you move from average, good or great to outstanding as a salesperson. 


Check out what other's are saying if you don't believe me.

The truth of the matter is, I've been there and lived it, I've felt the anxiety of staring at a huge target not knowing how I was going to hit it, I've had the terror of being unprepared for a big client meeting and falling flat on my face. I've also had the aspiration of wanting more, of wanting to become the best I could be at sales, to fall in love with it and as a result over-achieve my targets and build a massive high value network.

If this speaks to you, then I would encourage you to make the investment, the ROI of learning to create momentum is one that will come back 10 fold, if not 100, or even a 1000! I can only speak from my experience that once I figured out how to create momentum it didn't matter the economic climate, the product set, the patch I was given, it just mattered that I took responsibility, had a repeatable playbook that could generate a quantum leap in my results and I was committed daily.

If you're looking to sell with less stress, worry and fear and want to experience new levels of prosperity and wealth whilst developing a must have skillset for todays marketplace, I'd say you're in the right place.

You will make it to the top 1% if you implement the strategies, tools and mindset from these trainings. 

I write and teach to serve the person that I once was, after 15 years in sales I now feel it is my duty to pass along what I've learned and has helped me achieve success in sales.

"Thanks for putting together a really well prepared, practical and relevant session."

- Oliver, Student of the School of Success

There is truly nothing greater than the feeling of MOMENTUM, it opens doors, it brings new possibilities and a pipeline that's bursting with opportunities so that you never have to worry where your next deal is going to come from.


This course is designed to ensure you achieve success in sales, packed with new sales strategies and techniques, fresh perspectives and ideas to help you elevate your career, business and life.


Whether you're in sales, a business owner or an entrepreneur this course with turbo charge your sales strategy and give you highly credible proven techniques you can use and repeat for years to come that will generate incredible results and take you to new levels of sales success previously unseen.


This is a quick, powerful and easy to implement proven structure for success in sales. The model comes from Tim's bestselling book The Momentum Sales Model #1 in customer service on Amazon and International Bestseller in the Business and Management category around the world.


It produces results fast! Upon completing this sales training prior students said"Tim also made it really clear on what it takes. The best sales education I’ve ever had!"


The crux of the matter is we all need to sell. It's a skill that you can't afford to miss out on developing. In your career, business and personal life sales and more specifically the ability to create momentum has become a vital skill to acquire, hone and master.


The game of sales has changed. No longer is the sales cycle a linear approach through prospecting to close. You need to be doing things the right way to win, to change how you're approaching sales and to connect with your clients. This course will get you doing the right activities, at the right time, consistently, and help you avoid burnout, stress and missing your goals.


If you want to earn more money, advance your career quickly and make a difference to your business - this is the course for you. I spent over 15 years in sales doing millions of dollars in revenue, building and expanding business all over the world. I train startups, corporates and individuals of all walks of life to reach results they never thought possible with this model.


This course goes deep, it's like the book but on steroids, Tim's method is to break it down into easy to understand repeatable chucks, remove the industry jargon and take you behind the curtain into what really produces a high performing salesperson and business. It WILL get you big results, fast!


The goal is to get you to be successful with it right away, not in 6 months, not in a month, or a week, but TODAY!

By the end of the course you'll feel confident armed with proven sales strategies and techniques that you can start implementing right away, you will make a huge difference to your business and see real results.


If you're struggling to land clients, want to super charge the expansion of your business, produce more, become the top seller in your company and your industry or even the country - THIS IS FOR YOU!

In the course I'll teach you:

  • The Most Powerful Element of All Self-Made Millionaires

  • How to do Discovery the Right Way

  • Prospecting Strategies That Generate High Value Leads

  • How to Master Emotions, Tonality and Questioning Style to Open Prospects Up

  • The Real Secret To Winning in Sales

  • How To Make Sure Luck Finds You In Sales

  • What Sales Really Is - You'll Never Forget This Lesson!

  • 7 Things I Do To Stay Motivated In Sales Each Day

  • The Key to Nailing The Pitch

  • The Rules of the Game

  • How To Move The Needle and Value Your Time Properly

  • How to Structure Your Day for Sales Success

Bonus + 12 worksheets already done for you including End of Year Review Template, Cold Call Closer Template, Daily Momentum Checklist and The Bullet-Proof Email Template.

"Tim is clearly passionate about sales and was able to very clearly articulate the steps that make a great sales strategy and execution. He also made it really clear on what it takes.

The best sales education I’ve ever had!"

- John, Student of the School of Success

By discovering how to create momentum and falling in love with sales you'll:

  • Earn more commission than ever before and fast track your career

  • Have a pipeline overflowing with qualified leads and become a top salesperson in your industry

  • Never have to worry about hitting targets again

  • Understand how to structure your day, sales calls, emails and meetings to produce high value deals not more stress

  • Provide value in a way that resonates and in turn earn more commissions

  • Supercharge your personal and business goal achievement

  • Make your dreams come true and get more freedom, autonomy and purpose

  • Have confidence in sales and the ability to win in any economy

  • Become advanced at sales strategy, sales techniques and have practical sales skills

  • Have clarity and confidence to elevate your career and your business

Here's to your upward trajectory of success, this is your turning point, if you take action and believe that it can happen, show yourself that you're committed to doing what it takes to produce the results you want. Don't overthink it. Just follow your intuition and go for it!

All the best,

Tim Castle

"Tims presentation was so much more personable than other sales strategies and the way he sets out his email hooks was really relevant to me at this stage of our sales cycle"

- Lindsey, Student of the School of Success

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