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Recommended Books

Below I share a selection of the books that helped me let go of destructive habits, create a consistent daily routine and get more aligned with the vision I wanted for my life.

Creation (Action)

the third door

By Alex Banayan

you are a badass

By Jen Sincero

This book has everything you need to turn your life around and start living the KICKASS life that you deserve. I FULLY recommend you grab yourself a copy of this book, it is fundamental reading to getting unstuck, owning your greatness and taking your life to a whole new level. Click, click, click, this book needs to end up in your possession.

richard branson
4 hour work week

By Richard Branson

I really enjoyed this book, Richard takes a good hard look at the journey from 1998 onwards, the ups and downs and the relentless ambition, courage and decisions that he took to make it happen and bring Virgin to all corners of the globe. What I loved about this book is it feels like Richard is right there in your living room, telling you these stories first hand. This is one entrepreneurs tale who will never stop. 

By Tim Ferriss

elon musk biography

By Ashlee Vance

Conditioning (Mind & Body)

think and grow rich

By Napoleon Hill

Be prepared to get everything you DESIRE! There is so much value contained within the pages of this classic text that if you're struggling in any area of your life, pick up a copy and see your stars align. This book captures the magic of mastering mindset and directing it towards what it is you want. Follow the principles to the letter and watch you life transform. 

tools for titans

By Tim Ferriss

can't hurt me

By David Goggins

Goggins is one tough dude! Once I got to grips with how he operates his life and why I started to understand. Concepts like "callousing the mind" and "day one, week one" are big lessons that can be learned in this adventure he takes us on through Navy SEALS training, ultra marathon races and many more pursuits that most people wouldn't even think were possible. Conquer your mindset and get after it with this book. 

get shit done

By Gary John Bishop

I read this book, and then re-read it straight away. It's like the mother load has been dropped, everything you ever wanted to know about why and how you self-sabotage and how to address it is in here. This book will not only change your life it will see you live one great big life of your fullest potential. This book spoke to me, it's real, down to earth and much needed. I cannot recommend this book enough, just get it.  

Certainty (Self-Belief Strategies)

making money

By Jen Sincero

jack ma

By Duncan Clark

the richest man in Babylon

By George S. Clason

Connection (Spiritual)

manifest now

By Idil Ahmed

Gabrielle Bernstein

By Gabrielle Bernstein

the alchemist

By Paulo Coelho

daily love

By Mastin Kipp

Recommended Podcasts

mastin kipp
tony robbins
tim ferriss
jay shetty
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