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The Art of Decision Making:

How to make effective decisions under pressure

by Tim Castle

The Art of Decision Making Book Cover

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Making good decisions quickly is what marks out truly great leaders from the rest of us.

Decision-making is one of the most sought-after skills today, but one that most of us have never been taught.

Aged 19, I went off-piste snowboarding, way before I had the skills or experience to do so, and quickly found myself hurtling towards the edge of a cliff face on sheet ice. Within minutes, I was hanging onto a boulder for dear life, with my legs dangling over the precipice.

Every single decision I made over the next few hours was life or death. There were no easy choices. Each right decision could be undone by the wrong one. I was very aware of how close I was to death the whole time: the cold, the wind, the fading light, the fact that no one knew where I was, the fact I had no food or water on me.

That day, my brain worked overtime to keep me alive. What I learned has enabled me to approach decisions in all areas of my life with ease.

In addition to sharing my story with you, I will also explore 6 of the best decision-making  models, as well as teach you how to maintain the mindset of a master decision-maker. 


After reading this book, you'll find making good decisions quick and easy and will no longer waste time stressing over them or avoid stepping up to make them.

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