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Money FM 89.3 Your Money with Michelle Martin: How to negotiate so you get an upgrade on a plane and

Listen to the podcast episode here or see my conversation with Michelle Martin of Money FM 89.3 below. Michelle: He was a professional negotiator at age 23 and within 12 months was single-handedly negotiating $1,000,000 deals. We're talking about the ideas in his book “The Art of Negotiation.” He's just launched another book in September called “Be The Lion” is a great pleasure to welcome to money and me, Tim Castle. How are you Tim? Tim: I am very well. Thank you so much Michelle. It's an absolute privilege to speak to you today. Michelle: It's such a pleasure this is one of my favorite topics and I know it is for you as well negotiation because we all need to do it right. Tim: It's a massi

How To Make It Happen: The BE THE LION 4Cs Framework that will see you transform your life and achie

When I set out to write Be The Lion: how To Overcome Big Challenges And Make It Happen I knew two things; 1. I just had to write Be The Lion, I was born to create this book and it had been brewing inside of me for years, slowly gathering life experiences, falling down and getting back up again, until one day it was ready to be unleashed on to the page. For 9 months solid, I wrote every moment I got, morning and night, anywhere I could find, on planes, at hotels, in parks, at the gym, on trains, in coffee shops, on the floor outside my apartment at 3am, every morning for weeks on end, I wrote until my message was born. It burst out of me like an explosion of creativity and constant flow that