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How To Make It Happen: The 4Cs Framework that will see you transform your life.

When I set out to write Be The Lion: how To Overcome Big Challenges And Make It Happen I knew two things;

1. I just had to write Be The Lion, I was born to create this book and it had been brewing inside of me for years, slowly gathering life experiences, falling down and getting back up again, until one day it was ready to be unleashed on to the page.

For 9 months solid, I wrote every moment I got, morning and night, anywhere I could find, on planes, at hotels, in parks, at the gym, on trains, in coffee shops, on the floor outside my apartment at 3am, every morning for weeks on end, I wrote until my message was born. It burst out of me like an explosion of creativity and constant flow that were so well intertwined with the purpose that writing the first draft of the manuscript to me, happened in the blink of an eye.

The purpose of the book is to give you the tools to overcome any challenge, find resilience within, and become the best version of yourself you can be. It’s the book I wish I had when I knew I wanted more for my life but wasn’t sure how to make it happen.

The second thing I knew was,

2. I wanted to combine all of my learnings from world class motivational and business mentors, experiential research and life experiences into a daily practise.

And so, the 4Cs was born.

This is a go-to practise that you can use daily to achieve your maximum potential. It’s a framework for success through which you will become a top performer, it supports your growth and enables you to overcome the really big challenges and difficult situations in life. In a nutshell it if you want to see your vision come to reality, and truly find the best version of yourself, then the 4Cs framework will help you thrive in all the important area’s and transform into the best version of yourself.

The 4Cs Framework is built on 4 pillars these are; Creation, Conditioning, Certainty and Connection. (They form the 4 sections of the Be The Lion book)

4Cs Framework - BE THE LION by Tim Castle

This 4Cs Framework has changed my life, and it will help you maintain your commitments to yourself whilst flourishing by ticking off a lengthy to-do-list of need and exciting endeavours. The cool thing about the 4Cs is, it’s tried and tested. I created the 4Cs when I needed it most, when my back was up against the wall, I was living in a new country, with a new high-pressure job, a new baby, a responsibilities, new health goals, new financial goals, and whilst I was writing Be The Lion.

To give you more context and what the 4Cs is, each C of the 4Cs framework relates to a life specific area.

The first C is Creation is related to taking action, and what you do push yourself forward and hit your goals, for example this could be developing your side hustle or starting a business. The key to action is get comfortable putting yourself out there on a daily basis. Creation is all about how you can increase the amount of aligned action you are taking to propel your ideas into reality.

The second C is Conditioning which relates to the life area of Mind and Body. In this part of the book I talk about the importance of a morning routine and how to freshen it up with expert techniques that will help you become more present, feel more energetically alive and experience more joy.

It is important to recognise that doing your best work is done when connected to the Flow state, when we invest time in ourselves and prioritise our inner and outer health in equal amounts. This section will help you find the perfect balance and get into the Flow start more readily.

The third C is all about building your self-belief muscle and is Certainty, this is a core component of being able to create momentum in your projects, feel more confident in yourself and develop your own voice and viewpoints.

All up self-belief is a critical part of having agency and overcoming setbacks and challenges on the way to achieving your vision, the goal is to know within that you have the power, ownership and the capability to make it happen. By increasing your self-belief, you give yourself permission to succeed and in doing so become more resourceful, resilient and trusting the of process.

Which opens up the last doorway…

The fourth C is Connection which relates to your spiritual life. As entrepreneurs, go-getters and generally ambitious folk, having faith that things will work out, that the Universe is conspiring to help you in its own divine timing and trusting the process is all part of what draws success closer.

With the other C’s Creation, Conditioning and Certainty nailed, it can be easy to forget the most important of all, developing your connection to the Universe. It’s is constantly giving out signals, and showing you the way however in our busy, hectic, flustered lives, without taking the time to develop the ability to listen to your inner voice and then hear and respond to its guidance we miss you on a big part of what makes the most successful people, successful.

The majority of world class motivational leaders, business moguls and entrepreneurs who have done incredibly well all credit some form of daily meditation practise, allowing calm and connectedness to centre their thoughts and stay aligned to their vision.

In connection, I reveal step by step how to quiet down the external noise so that you can hear the inner guidance given to you.

In order for the 4Cs framework to work you need to have balance across all of the 4 quadrants. i.e. you cannot prioritise Conditioning at the expense of all the others and expect to be achieving your highest potential. Each of the C’s are interlinked and play a big part in establishing personal transformation and success in daily living.

The 4Cs framework is your go to framework for daily living, whenever you are feeling stressed out, out of control, or up against it, refer back to the 4Cs and start living it every day.

It is important to notice when you are out of alignment, maybe you’re neglecting your health, if so, it’s time to get down the gym or hit that spin class you keep meaning to go to.

When life pressures get big, it’s very easy to start skipping the important things that matter, like relationship building, meeting people you genuinely find interesting, connecting to your inner self and spending time fingering out your goals. All of these 4cs areas as really important if you are going to become a top performer and maintain that level of output over the long term.

To find out more about my framework for overcoming big challenges check out Be The Lion: How To Overcome big Challenges And Make It Happen.

To see what Ryan Serhant, star of Bravos Million Dollar Listing New York said about Be The Lion check out the video below.

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