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Sell It Like Serhant (10 Sales Lessons from New Yorks #1 Real Estate Agent)

Have you ever read a book that just grabs you so much you finish it in a day? I have, and it was this sales book by Ryan Serhant, Sell It Like Serhant that is filled with so much witty repertoire, laugh out loud anecdotes and actually valuable advice that keeps you page turning from start to finish. If you're build a career in sales, then this book has something for you and deserves a space on your bookshelf. Ryan's mission is helping other people increase the quality of their lives through selling and discovering the limitless possibility that a career in sales can have. I wanted to briefly share 10 sales lessons (amongst many, many others) you will get from the book. 1. FKD The FKD strateg

The Power Of Pushing Through Your Threshold Of Control

When I was fifteen years old I was lucky enough for my parents to agree to send me on a skiing trip to Heavenly, Lake Tahoe in California with school. They put a lot on the line to give me this opportunity. I wasn’t that we were poor, but we certainly weren’t well off. Going on this trip was a big deal, not only was it a chance to explore a state I had grown up idolising through my early teens for its punk rock scene and idyllic beachside lifestyle, but it was an opportunity to do a sport I loved, snowboarding. To me California was the epitome of US living, on one side you had the Sierra Nevada Mountains and National Parks such as Yosemite and on the other the ocean and miles of sandy beache