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Jake Selley on How To Keep Your Core Priorities In Focus And Remain Consistent | The Tim Castle Show

In this episode I sit down with Jake Selley, first and foremost Jake is a Father, Husband, Son and Friend, he's got an ambition for life that is incredible and a vision for he operates his life that see's him 'living the dream' every day! We discuss Fatherhood, and how he's coping with the disruption of COVID-19 to his daily routine and how to thrive whilst trying to complete multiple objectives at an exceptional standard whilst still being their for those we love. This is a hugely valuable episode for anyone looking to become more present and get super focused on what really matters in life whilst showing up for your vision is going to find many nuggets of gold here. Jake offers suggestions

James Crosby on The Importance of Empathy, Meditation and Grit, The Power Combination For Success

In this episode I talk with James Crosby CEO and Co-Founder of Fencore (the next generation of Financial Data Management Software) and Iron Man Finisher. We dive deep into mindfulness, meditation and consciously becoming more empathetic and how to bring that into your daily interactions with people. He even did a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat in Malaysia which fuelled his quest for mindfulness on a daily basis. We discuss what drives James and how he has built Fencore a much needed solution which supports buy-side institutions such as asset management funds, hedge funds and pension funds.This is certainly an area ripe for disruption and Fencore is certainly making waves, it was

Shivani Gopal on How To Show Up With All Your Glory | The Tim Castle Show

In this episode I had the privilege and pleasure to sit down with Shivani Gopal, CEO and Founder of The Remarkable Woman and CEO and Co-Founder of Upstreet. Double CEO and trail blazer! Talk about courageous people doing inspirational things, Shivani is the epitome of this tag line. The way Shivani shows up for life is phenomenal, she leaves a trail of light wherever she goes and we could all do with taking a leaf out of her book to live more in the truest versions of ourselves, to be fully us. In this episode Shivani talks about the importance of showing up in all your glory and living life to the fullest, not holding back but owning your talent and your greatness and the mental shift that