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Jake Selley on How To Keep Your Core Priorities In Focus And Remain Consistent | The Tim Castle Show

In this episode I sit down with Jake Selley, first and foremost Jake is a Father, Husband, Son and Friend, he's got an ambition for life that is incredible and a vision for he operates his life that see's him 'living the dream' every day!

We discuss Fatherhood, and how he's coping with the disruption of COVID-19 to his daily routine and how to thrive whilst trying to complete multiple objectives at an exceptional standard whilst still being their for those we love. This is a hugely valuable episode for anyone looking to become more present and get super focused on what really matters in life whilst showing up for your vision is going to find many nuggets of gold here.

Jake offers suggestions on how to refocus and deal with the pressure of always striving for excellence by understanding that there are different times and seasons for different things. He drops some serious wisdom, left, right and centre on the need to shift from craving balance, to finding harmony in your life, and also goes into depth about how to think of your strengths as gifts to share with the world and tools for good.

Jake is a visionary, he see the world through positive lens whilst understanding that what really matters, here prioritises the here and now, whilst striving for long term objectives. He talks about the 4 most important elements in his life, that absolutely matter most to him and how his word for the year has revolutionised how he's structuring his daily life and his decisions.

If you're wanting to simplify your life, become more disciplined, focused and present, then check out this episode where you can learn some of the most valuable lessons from the man himself. Jake is an inspiration to all and I so grateful that he came on to share his knowledge and wisdom so that it may help others grow and find joy.

Jakes motto: "Live The Dream"

Listen here:

Website. Books. Social: @TimJSCastle

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