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How To Gain Momentum And Kick Goals Every, Single, Day!

Ok, so let’s assume you’re an ambitious person, you have dreams, a vision of your ideal life and even goals. You have it all figured out, you know where you want to be but for some reason you’re stuck. What’s going wrong? In a nutshell, gaining momentum has to do with two things; 1. Initiative And 2. Persistence Taking initiative when you’re stuck and being persistence in the face of challenges are the ingredients required to gain massive momentum in the direction of your goals, dreams and desires. I discovered this powerful combination whilst waiting at the International airport in Singapore. I had just published my first book The Art of Negotiation and filled with emotion, enthusiasm and h

How To Deal With Overwhelm And Become A Top Performer

Dawn breaks and a new day begins… The Alarm clock starts beeping, the baby wakes up, cries and needs attending to, Slack messages start to stream through with a constant array of requests, next Whatsapp starts going off, one message, two messages, six, nine, oh my gosh can this day just behave. Then Instagram messages and emails beckon, and you notice that little red dot on LinkedIn pop into view r provocatively signalling that someone you don’t know has sent you a direct message quite probably attempting to try and sell you their financial services or offer you their lead generation automation tool but you aren’t sure and can’t resist checking. And scene… If you’re anything like me, living