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Make today the day you surpass all expectations

What are you truly capable of? What is your maximum capability? Let me introduce you to technique developed by Navy Seal, Ultra Marathon Runner and world record holder of the most pull-ups done in 24 hours, David Goggins that will help you produce more success. He says that the mind is like a car with a governor on it, when we reach a certain speed, when life starts to get too fast, too hard, too painful, we pull back. The mind is forcing us to retreat and look for safety. Goggins argues that we are all living at about 40% of our capability. We have it in us to do more, produce more and push out selves beyond what we think we are capable of however we have been trained to believe that when l

How To Develop Courage

When I set out to write Be The Lion, it was to provide a manual for anyone looking to improve their daily life, their state of mind and put their talents to work in a way that they could feel fulfilled and therefore thrive. One of the biggest lessons for me, is that of having and developing courage. It seemed to me that so often we know what it is we need to do to achieve a better life, but we seldom stick with it long enough to create the change and form the habits that will carry us to the land of success. It is about having the courage to stick with your plan, to act, to know what it is about yourself that needs to change and to see it through. We are afraid of what other people will thin