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How To Master Your Mindset And Build Massive Resilience

Life, lived well, is not the avoidance of problems or the absence of adversity. Problems and challenges are going to occur, that’s the very nature of life. The key is it’s how we perceive problems when they do show up that matters, the vantage point that we choose to take. A life lived well, a fulfilled life all boils down to this single most important factor. How will you overcome the problems that come your way so that you can serve the world with your talents. Ask yourself this question, how do you perceive a problem when it occurs? Do you retreat into victim mode or start to doubt and question your own capabilities or worse your worth? Or alternatively are you able to whether the storm w

5 Key Steps To Quickly Get Yourself Out Of Victim Mode

We’ve all been there! Victim mode, lurking behind every conversation, argument, interaction, message, waiting in the darkness for it’s time to strike. It sneaks up on your like a nasty surprise, blind siding you like a mugger and hijacking your plans. Whether you’re having a bad day, week, month or even year, the victim mentality can consume you if you let it, affecting all area’s of your life, relationships, finances, and outlook. Even something simple like being given the wobbly table at the restaurant, or getting stuck in traffic or worse still trapped behind two slow walking people blocking the pavement so you can’t get by, whatever your frustration, once the victim mentality rears it’s

The Simple Negotiation Trick You Need To Know

Negotiation Strategies 101: The Powerful Negotiation Technique of Mirroring If you’re on the hunt for a new negotiation technique that will help you get a tactical advantage that is also easy to remember and operate, then look no further, everything you’re looking for can be found in Mirroring. I first learned about this strategy from the negotiation master that is Chris Voss, former FBI lead international kidnapping negotiator Chris is has experienced more than his fair share of crafty, tough and unhinged hostage takers. If you want to read a negotiation book that will leave you will an armoury filled with valuable negotiation techniques, influence creating strategies and generally upskill