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This is your time to Shine!

Here, today, we are presented with a massive opportunity, an opportunity for growth. The daily strategy of get up, fight the morning traffic, go to work, work from 9am - 5pm (7pm in reality), come home, put the kids to bed, wash up, relax, go to bed has been erased. I’m serious, the world has never had an opportunity in its midst of this magnitude and scale. The strategy of how we ‘normally’ operate our lives, always planning for the future, work trips, evenings out, dinners, parties, events, commitments, gym, cinema, restaurants has all come to a standstill. There’s no FOMO (Fear of missing out) because no one is doing anything, no travel, no clubbing, no concerts, nothing to be missed, and

A memo for what to do in these difficult times

Don’t let this time count for nothing. Now is the time to go big, to put your ALL into delivering your gift to the world in service. This is NOT the time to play small, small thinking will leads to small action, and small results. Make a commitment today, to discover your best self, to pursue your purpose and to create in inspired action that which will transform your life. It would be easy to go through this period of unprecedented change and difficulty and come out the other side with nothing to show for it, expect perhaps for having watch a few more seasons on Netflix and gained a couple of extra pounds. Do not accept the quiet stealth of mediocrity that creeps into our lives when we aren