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How To Create A BIG Life. 10 Steps To Help You Make It Happen. Think, Act And Live BIG NOW!

Do you want to change your daily thought processes, ditch those everyday cyclical habits that you know are bad and get some BIG results? Then read on my friend, read on... To start with, I pose you this simple question. What can you do today that will expand your current version of reality? It quite obvious really, but often we are too focused on doing and being busy with an endless list of 'to do's' that we fail to think smart. To expand your reality and you grow yourself, you must always be thinking, BIGGER, in every situation, place, events, challenge yourself to think larger than you've ever thought before. Grant Cardone references this technique a lot, he loves it so much he even named

5 Quick Fire Negotiation Strategies:

This blog post gets straight to the point, no BS, no waffle. Negotiation strategies 101. Before getting stuck into it, I must point out that my long-term goal, philosophy and stance on negotiation is to build for the relationship, to aim for the win-win and the attribute negotiation to the creation of maximum value for both parties delivered by the existence of a quality trusted and valued quality relationship. This is really key. But in the instances, where quick fire negotiation is required here are some strategies to have up your sleeve. 1. Cash Speaks Volumes The sight of cash makes people do irrational silly things. It changes the mood and can if used in the right context and with the r