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Master Your EGO and Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Sunny Jo Lawrence, mom to 5 kids, speaker, and wife of Iron cowboy James Lawrence.

The family has been on a mission together over the past decade or so, they have gone after a big dream and made world records happen.

This was why I was so keen to get Sunnys perspective on the whole thing, Iron cowboy James has completed feats of endurance previously thought impossible.

He has redefined impossible, they all have.

First it was 30 ironman full distance triathlons in one year, then it was 50 ironman triathlons in 50 states in 50 days, and most recently way above anything even conceivable it was the Conquer 100, this was 100 ironman triathlons in 100 days. You know the badass thing was he even went on to do 101!

Talk about going the extra mile!

The cool thing was his family came along for the ride, they made it happen. Sunny was at the helm of that mission, being the only one who knew the words to speak to James to rouse him from is 4 hours of sleep each day to tell him, its time to get up.

Can you imagine having to wake someone up after doing an ironman and telling them its time to go again, imagine doing that once, then again, and then another 97 times.

It is truly unbelievable.

Key lessons and wisdom from Sunny are around letting go of your ego, understanding what the other person needs from you and being able to give it to them.

Sunny is service minded beyond doubt, she knows how to get the mission completed and what each situation requires.

She does all this, whilst managing a family of 5. This to me, is in incredible, I have two kids and thats hard enough, but 5, all while your husband is going through the biggest pain and suffering of his life - talk about mental stamina and toughness.

These guys have got it!

Check out the video up top for an abundance of wisdom across many topics from marriage, relationships, business, family and life.

It was such an honour and a privilege to speak with Sunny and her radiance and light shines through. I know you'll enjoy this too.


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