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How To Make Your First Million Dollars

I was interviewing legendary speaker and Mental Toughness trainer Steve Siebold when I was struck with awe, the way he explained the path to greatness as an entrepreneur was captivating.

Never had I heard it so clearly yet dynamically revealed.

Here I was learning from one of the highest earning communicators. Steve has interviewed over 1300 self-made millionaires over the past 37 years and some of the world’s richest people and I wanted to share a few of the lessons that stood out.

The below are some of Steve’s words and lessons that really impacted me.

Money is your friend. You must approach it with love and abundance and focus on the opportunity with positivity.

Linear consciousness is exchanging time for money, it’s a progressive equation. Nonlinear consciousness is what will get you to an extraordinary income, this is achieved by finding a problem and solving it. Find a problem, that you have passion for and the set skill for and solve it.

You must believe that you can do it.

Passion is important, you must be passionate about it, this is what will carry you through the hard times. If you fail, start another business, most self-made millionaires fail their way to success. Once you make your first million the second comes easier because you’ve already know you can do it. You must believe you can first.

The worst thing you can do is to try to protect someone from failure because that’s where you learn.

If you hang in long enough, you’ll most likely succeed because you’ve got the education as an entrepreneur.

World-class self-made millionaires are looking for the opportunity in times of uncertainty, they are always looking at everything through the eyes of opportunity.

Once you have enough money, it gets fun because you solve problems that fulfil you. You should move to follow your passion as early as you can, it’s hard to get wealthy without having a passion for what you do, and you do it whether you get paid or not.

Know that you can do it, if you have a viable idea, know that you can do it.

Check out the full episode here


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