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How To Become Unstoppable... It's Simpler Than You Think

From episode: How To Become Unstoppable | The Tim Castle Show

We default to lower value behaviours when we allow things to throw us off course, when we give in by not sticking to the program and not doing what it takes to win. Ultimately we drop our standard and it's because we've given in mentally, it's because we've moved towards that lower vibe.

When this happens you need to change your physiological state. You need to change the energy and the vibration in you so that you can raise up and you can elevate and you can stay at a higher vibration.

To do this, when I was feeling down before a big client meeting, I used to walk around smiling my ass off before going into meetings. If there was someone I didn't want to meet, I wasn't looking forward to meeting, I would smile all the way to the meeting. Even if I didn't feel like it, I would force a smile. I'd look like a lunatic walking around, not feeling it, but my body would feel it. It would have to feel it because I'm physically doing the thing that is causing my body to respond in a certain way, which is neutralizing my emotions back down to a higher vibe state, going up from low to high.

I'd put something on that's funny. I'd be around people that are the right energy in the right environment and I put myself physically with them because I value me and I value getting back into that state as quickly as possible.

If I messed up. Say I did something for the first time or it'd been a long time since I did an interview or a podcast and I wasn't happy with it.

Say I was getting interviewed by someone really important and this interview has the potential to get me hundreds of thousands or even millions of downloads. Imagine it's that kind of interview and then imagine I wasn't happy with my performance. I went in, did the interview and I walked out just feeling about 50% happy with my performance.

Do I lambast myself and judge myself and then do sabotaging behaviours that take me further away from my goal, like eating junk food, going out and partying, going out and drinking, doing whatever it is that takes me away from my goal because I'm punishing myself for this thing that I didn't do?

Or do I look at it and go, hey, all that is is feedback.

All it's telling me is I need to grow in that area and I should probably do more of that and great I got that podcast interview out to the world and hopefully it helps someone. Hopefully what I said and what I did in my performance was good enough to touch some lives and help some people and who cares if I don't get the result that I desired, which was lots and lots of downloads or the connection with the presenter or whatever.

We put it out. We try again and it's feedback.

It's feedback for growth and saying, hey, maybe you want to do 10 of them in a week. Get back up to your higher standard of performance. Improve on it and keep at it. That's all it's telling me and then leave that where it is. Don't go over it and go, "hey, you're rubbish at this" or "hey, this means this you should stop". It doesn't. Don't put the story on it and don't let it affect what you do on a daily basis.


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