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Shivani Gopal on How To Show Up With All Your Glory | The Tim Castle Show

In this episode I had the privilege and pleasure to sit down with Shivani Gopal, CEO and Founder of The Remarkable Woman and CEO and Co-Founder of Upstreet. Double CEO and trail blazer! Talk about courageous people doing inspirational things, Shivani is the epitome of this tag line.

The way Shivani shows up for life is phenomenal, she leaves a trail of light wherever she goes and we could all do with taking a leaf out of her book to live more in the truest versions of ourselves, to be fully us. In this episode Shivani talks about the importance of showing up in all your glory and living life to the fullest, not holding back but owning your talent and your greatness and the mental shift that needs to take place in order to do that.

Not one to rest on her laurels Shivani operates and steers the ship for two social enterprises, The Remarkable Woman is a movement for women, a place of mentorship, advancement, and community. Here woman can come together to access world class coaches that will help you achieve your goals and step fully into the boldest sense of yourself.

Her other venture is Upstreet, a platform that helps you earn free shares while you shop! How good is that! (Links below).

We talk about everything from entrepreneurship, to the importance of having a vision in your life, feminism, discrimination, living a fully expressed life and courageously pushing the limits of your own potential. There is SO much value in this episode, if you are a go-getter, someone who knows they have more to give, an entrepreneur, thinking of starting your business, a woman on a mission, a man on a mission, YOU are going to want to check out this episode.

Shivani’s story is truly incredible and what I love about it is her process for taking an adversity, challenge or experience and then synthesizing it to find the right way forward for her and using it as a driver for growth.

The passion, dedication and absolute commitment Shivani has for her purpose and how she is helping women own their aura, take full control of their lives financially, in their careers and their personal lives is inspiring. She is beacon of hope and a leader who’s setting the right agenda. Shivani is an inspiration on a global scale.

Shivani lives by these mottos and I find them captivating.

“I owe it to myself to find out what that limit is and to achieve my ever growing potential”.

My own sense of purpose – “to live a fully expressed life and to be fearless in the pursuit of a greater tomorrow with courage and compassion”.

“Always show up with all your glory”

I feel absolutely blessed to have had this conversation with such an entrepreneurial leader who is courageously going after a better world today! Thank you Shivani.


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