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Maria Paula Oliveira on How To Use Courage To Its Ultimate Advantage and Develop a Winning Strategy

In this powerful episode I had the pleasure of talking to and learning from Maria Paula Oliveira, Chief Innovation Officer MENA at EY. What an incredible story and journey she's been on!

Check out the show on any one of these platforms. Not to be missed!

Her story is relatable, super honest and totally inspiring. Not only has MP completed a 1 year sabbatical around the world, Co-Founded 2 companies in the hyper competitive Silicon Valley, lived and worked in 4 continents whilst delivering excellence in instrumental roles and built a thriving career she done it all whilst living a deeply fulfilling life.

That's not to say it doesn't take hard work and there aren't hard choices to be made, far from it. MP shares the highs and the lows and her strategies on how to build a life you love.

If you're facing a tough decision, wanting change or thinking about how to elevate your career, goals and life then you're going to want to check out this episode!

Let yourself be absorbed by MP's energy and attitude, it is fantastic!

MP shows you how to orientate your life towards your end goal, evaluate your next steps and become a strategist in your own life so that you can pull yourself through times of hardship and difficulty and turn them to your ultimate advantage!

When times get difficult, MP talks us through how to 'show up' for ourselves and our future by looking towards our 'end game' and analysing opportunities on the basis of how they will help you achieve your goals.

Make sure you listen up for MP's Framework for courage, it is one to write down and use daily!

The magic of MP is she has a wonderful way of telling you how it is, what needs to be done whilst infusing joy and passion into the mix.

Now is your chance to go big, change your life for the better and be the hero in your own life.

Key Quotes:

“Get up and do the work”

“When you keep your eye on the prize, you can take the pain”

“Be a strategist in your own life”

“Courage doesn’t come from being reckless”

“If you stop showing up, then you lost”

"Don't let fear stop you before you show up"


“Work Hard Play Hard” – the work comes first, add joy to your life now, not later. Everyday.

MP's Bio

Maria Paula Oliveira (MP) is the Chief Innovation Officer for EY in MENA (Middle East and North Africa). A catalyst working across Service Lines and Sectors, her mission is to ensure that the company has strong “innovation muscles”: the right skills, processes and capabilities to thrive through change.

Four times innovation leader and twice an entrepreneur, MP is comfortable leading entrepreneurial ventures from the ground up as well as provoking change within large enterprises, with relevant experience in Latin America, USA, Asia Pacific, and Middle East.

Prior to joining EY in 2017, MP was Data Analytics & Innovation Director for Experian in Asia Pacific, based in Singapore. Before moving to Asia, she was the co-founder of two startups in the Silicon Valley and graduated from prestigious accelerator programs (500 Startups; Plug & Play Tech Center). Previously, in Brazil, MP led Corporate Innovation for Experian in Latin America, driving the company to be recognized as the 2nd most innovative in the region.

Under MP’s leadership, EY MENA was awarded as the “Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise” in 2019, and MP herself as presented with the “Excellence in Innovation” award by the Women Leadership Awards in the Arab World, in 2020. Additionally, she was recognized as one of the most influential corporate leaders in Singapore, in 2017.

Passionate about all things innovation, MP is particularly interested in how startups and corporations can collaborate to create disruptive offerings.

MP holds a B.A. in Marketing from ESPM (Brazil) and an MBA from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (Brazil).

Outside of work, she can be found traveling and exploring new places, tastes and cultures, thinking about trends that shape our lives.

Social @timjscastle

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