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Game-changing Advice for Entrepreneurs from a Billionaire

A few nights ago, at around 12.30am I sat in my suite at the Pan Pacific Singapore, and I had I had the privilege of meeting with Founder of eXp Reality and CEO of SUCCESS Magazine, Glenn Sanford.

I wanted to write this article to share some of the lessons I learned from the experience and also recognise how far we have come on this adventure.

This interview was a serendipitous moment so I want to make a point to mention how fast life can accelerate when you put the full force of guidance into action and start walking the path.

The last time I stayed at Pan Pacific Singapore was back in 2017 for a quick stop over on our way back to Australia after traveling to a friends wedding in the South of France. We had a 6 weeks old baby, and barely had anything financially or otherwise to our fact we were in a heap of debt.

We'd been bootstrapping our dream for years, trusting that our vision would happen.

The debt got worse before it got better but we stuck to our vision to move to Singapore and make it happen.

It took a heck of a lot of work, but we did it.

Fast forward 4 more years and here we are sitting in a Skyline Suite at the top of the hotel we could not afford previously about to interview an inspirational billionaire entrepreneur who set up one of the most revolutionary companies in real estate, living in a city that we love and pushing the limitations of our growth daily.

Now we've got the context covered, lets dive in to what I learned from my chat with Glenn.

1. The Single Biggest Driver of Success

One of the key themes from talking with Glenn was around the topic of fear and the idea of ‘why not go for it’, it’s easy to see how having an attitude of experimentation, exploration and why the hell not, compounds powerfully over time.

For all you entrepreneurs out there listen up!

If that’s you right now, and you’re facing a big challenge, or have an opportunity in front of you but you’re not sure whether to take it, the advice from a multi-billionaire is why not you, why not make it happen!

And that’s it right there, if it can happen to someone else, it can happen for you!

You have got to believe and have faith in your vision and then take the necessary action despite the cost, the investment, the hardship, the inconvenience, the late nights and early mornings, the sacrifice and level up!

Glenn’s humility and guidance, makes you want to go for it, you can see how having this type of mindset consistently when facing life massively increases the odds that you’ll reach your goal. It literally makes it a near certainty.

I should add – this why not conversation was in response to a question I posed, ‘what is the single biggest driver of your success?’

Glenn paused, reflected for a moment and look right back at me, "it’s not so much of a thing but a ‘why not question’" and there it was, pure GOLD!

Why not! Ask yourself this the next time you’re feeling challenged!

2. When Your Facing a Challenge Ask Yourself This Question

What Glenn shared in our conversation was remarkable and highly important, especially for entrepreneurs who feel like they have more to offer the world but are feeling stuck, trapped or struggling to make progress.

I asked him what’s the first thing they should do... his advice was to ask yourself how much of it is self-imposed?

Meaning how much of the struggle is really a problem.

For example, if you’re in sales and can’t travel for in person client meetings due to COVID, how much of an issue is this really?

Yes, it’s an inconvenience, and given the choice we’d all love to be able to deepen that in person relationship and spend time at the coal face in front of client. But there are solutions and, in my experience, working in sales they can even be more beneficial.

For example, the fact that sales calls can now be conducted over video call means many more extra meetings per day due to travel time saved to and from meetings and the fact that it is quite possible to stack calls.

This response from Glenn gets us to question our intentions, our commitment to the goal and to really think about the excuses we are making for not getting sh*t done.

3. Rewrite The Blueprint

What Glenn went on to say was that it's more about looking at what we have accepted as our own truth and rewriting the story.

We must come from a place of possibility and every time you hear yourself say the words “I can’t” you must rephrase to “how might I do this?”

I’ll repeat that as its SO good!

The key part being - when you hear yourself saying the words “I can’t” that’s when we should rephrase to “how might I do this”.

This Glenn says, is much like aformations which operate around figuring out why you are worthy of this now.

Afformations are based around the principle that the subconscious mind responds more effectively to questions rather than statements. Check out this article here for more on this topic.

Glenn’s suggestion is, list out all the reasons why you are the right person for this task, project, situation, or goal.

Why you can do this? Why are you uniquely positioned?

Why am I the right person to be a…

- Best-selling author

- Speaker

- Coach

- Entrepreneur/Founder

- Business owner

- Student

- Leader

- Millionaire/Billionaire

4. Become An Expert At Your Craft

Glenn also made a point to note that in combination with understanding why we are uniquely positioned to succeed we must take responsibility for our own learning and seek out opportunities to get educated.

He adds, this can come in the form of books, 1:1 meetings with mentors, podcasts but the goal is to become an expert at your craft.

You wouldn’t think that you could cover much in a 30-minute chat, but there is SO much value in what Glenn said.

His mantra or motto for life ‘The Universe conspires in my favour’ – how can you not win at life with that as your mindset!

Glenn has a steadfast belief that as he focuses on ideas the right things will show up that will be beneficial to those ideas and help him on his journey. And you know what, I’m stealing it! I love it!

This was certainty one of the most enlightening conversations I have had and full of gems!

5. Have Courage and Do It Anyway

Embrace the worst case scenario, understand that you won’t die and do it anyway.

“Do what you fear most, and you control the fear.”

Check out the podcast here or watch the video interview below


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