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In Memory of Bob Proctor (1934-2022)

I think more people should take the time to listen to Bob’s message, I really do. Especially, You Were Born Rich. What a classic text for financial abundance and prosperity.

I am so thankful for his message, it’s so clear and easy to understand, it makes sense.

Here’s a few snippets to remember him by.

He thought people were misguided, they don’t stay stuck on purpose they are just ignorant to the possibility of doing it a different way of changing the operating system in their subconscious mind to be able to attract, move and see the world differently.

“They don’t know that what they’re doing is going to keep them where they are”

The title of his book You Were Born Rich – he believed we all are born rich, rich in potential. Bob was a big believer and advocate for prosperity.

“You must have a financial goal and you’ve got to work towards it”.

He outlined the wealthy so clearly.

“Wealthy people have multiple sources of income”

“There’s no end to what we can earn”

If you are not getting information from someone who is already wealthy then it’s the wrong people to be consulting. He believed if you asked your brother, sister, neighbour for advice on the topic of earning money but they didn’t earn much money then they were the wrong people to get the advice from. A sort of collective ignorance.

He read Think and Grow Rich everyday – read it every day – you can have anything you want

Take advice it from people who are happy, healthy and wealthy. Do what they suggest. They know something you don’t.

Write what you want on a card

Read it every day

“I am so happy and grateful now that I have $10 million”

You get what you think about, if you focus on debt, you get debt if you think about earning money, you’ll get money.

Bob went from $4,000 to over $100k in a year!! Cleaning offices, then he expanded, office by office until 5 years later he was earning more than $1m a year cleaning offices across the world.

Take time to imagine what you want.

Visualize it.

Every day. Imagine yourself where you want to be.

You build the image of what you want.

You imagine it first and then in reality.

We have to see ourselves as what we want in our mind.

We are conditioned genetically and environmental, our paradigm controls us therefore we must change the paradigm (multitude of habits) as they control our behavior, change it, program in your subconscious mind.

These are the higher faculties that make us separate from everything else on the planet.

· Intuition
· Will
· Reason
· Imagination
· Perception
· Memory

The giver enjoys. Giving is one of the basic rules of success.

“givers gain”

It’s in harmony with the laws of the universe.

Get the right information, from the right people.

Safe travels Bob, thank you for the lessons.


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