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Owen Sammarone on The Keys To Consistency, Growth Mindset and Inspired Action | The Tim Castle Show

In this episode, and what an episode it is we meet Owen Sammarone - Creator of Unleash The Knowledge. Check it out on Instagram.

He lifts to lid on what it's like to live without a fixed mindset and take daily actions to push yourself forward.

His daily disciplines and morning routine that sets him up for success.

We discuss his favourite books by authors like Alex Banayan, Robin Sharma, Robert Kiyosaki and Jim Kwik.

The thing I love about this is Owens an entrepreneur, the way he's able to stay in the constant flow of making full use of all life has to offer by being consistent, showing up and believing in his purpose and mission is inspiring, not to mention his passion for helping others.

This is an episode for you if you are struggling with mindset, persistence, getting started with your dream and it will help you break down what you are facing and actually get started.

Most of the time what limits us is the idea of what it will be like once we get started, the fear, let Owens story fill you with positivity and give you a boost to get into action mode for the future you that you can be.

Motto: Who you were yesterday is not who you need to be tomorrow and your past doesn't define you.

If you haven't done already make sure you check out @UnleashtheKnowledge on Social Media or the website

“You are one book away from changing your life.”

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